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League Rinks Winners History

2017....Sandy Carr (Skip) Marian Carr, Agnes MacPhee and Jeanne Lowe

2016....Peter Henderson (Skip) Charles Drummond, Jean Twort and Iain Miller.

2015.....Fulton Ronald (Skip) Sandy Carr, Charles Drummond and Jeanne Lowe.

2014.....Marion Fisher (Skip) Caroline Ronald, Marian Carr and Jean Twort.

2013.....Sandy Carr (Skip) Marion Fisher, Rosemary Miller, Jeanne Lowe and Margaret MacLean.

2012.....Mike Perrett (Skip) Ronnie MacIntyre, Anne Campbell, Donalda Henderson and Graham Britton.

2011.....Roddie MacLeod (Skip) Iain Boyd, Rosemary Miller and Donalda Henderson.

2010.....Sandy Carr (Skip) Charles Drummond,Iain Miller and Jeanne Lowe.

2009.....Roddie MacLeod (Skip) Marion Fisher, Graham Britton and Rosemary Miller.

2008.....Roddie MacLeod (Skip) Charles Drummond, Marion Fisher and Rosemary Miller.

2007.....Sandy Carr (Skip) Stuart Fraser, Agnes MacPhee and Jeanne Lowe.

2006.....Peter Henderson (Skip) Agnes MacPhee, Caroline/Neil Ronald and Marion Fisher.

2004/5.....Peter Henderson (Skip) Agnes MacPhee,Iain Boyd and Marion Fisher.

2002.....Peter Henderson (Skip) Roddie MacLeod, John Sutherland and Marion Fisher.

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